Dan Cook is a landscape and nature photographer from the UK who loves creating immersive and thoughtful content for editorials and coMmissions. 


The outdoors is where I have always found my inspiration. I love the challenges of confronting vast new landscapes and finding beauty in the familiar environments close to home.

I am thirty something these days and an accomplished outdoor photographer and content creator. I work on select comissions that tie in with my passions of promoting the great outdoors and getting under the surface of our landscapes. I also work with select brands that have a genuine message and are contributing positively to the world and can enhance their presence through captivating stories.

I hope my landscape and natural world photography causes people to think. To reveal something new about a familiar place or to reveal a new place to visit. There is no better feeling than when people really connect with my photography. It's not a feeling of self satisfaction but of a shared way of seeing our world.

Despite the photo opposite suggesting otherwise I am a professional and passionate photographer. If you'd like to work together or support my work and purchase prints then don't hesitate to get in touch.

When we first saw Dan Cook’s photographs, we felt what he saw
— Jennifer Lee O'Brien for The City Talking


2018 - Yew Trees Article - Ernest Journal Issue 8

2017 - Commended Landscape Photographer of the Year - Living the View

2017 - #WexMondays Exhibition - London & Leeds

2017 - Icelandair Magazine

2016 - Mountain Hardware

2016 - Fujifilm UK

2016 - Shortlist - Outdoor Photographer of the Year

2016 - Winter Landscapes Article - Published in Amateur Photographer Magazine (Feb)

2015 - Published in December Edition of Outdoor Photography (Viewpoints)

2015 - The City Talking, Sheffield Issue 4

2015 - Shortlist - Outdoor Photographer of the Year and inclusion in the 1st Outdoor Photographer Collection

2014 - Shortlist - Outdoor Photographer of the Year

2014 - Landscape Photographer of the Year - Winner 'Urban View' Category

2014 - International Black and White Spider Photography Awards - 2 Nominations (Nature Category)

2014 - UK National Parks | Space to Grow Photo Competition - Overall Winner

2013 - Scottish Nature Photography Awards - Shortlist (Environmental Category)

2013 - Black and White Spider Photography Awards - Nomination (Architectural Category)

2013 - Severn Trent Water - Photography Competition Runner Up

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... Dan Cook shoots a potent mixture of wide vistas and close-up details
— Steve Fairclough for Amateur Photographer