Dan Cook is an award winning photographer from Sheffield. Dan has a recogniseable style to his photography which focuses on the landscape and natural environment.


Hi, thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read more about my work


I am a photographer based in Sheffield, UK. My primary focus is on natural environments and natural light to create images which connect my own vision of the world to viewers in an engaging way.

I create limited edition prints, work with brands to inspire others and work on commissions worldwide.


What all that really means is..... 

I love the outdoors and create photographs.

When we first saw Dan Cook’s photographs, we felt what he saw
— Jennifer Lee O'Brien for The City Talking

My love of the outdoors started when I was 6 or 7 years old and being 'dragged' up England's highest mountains and spending weekends listening to the rain battering the caravan or tent.

You never realise at the time how those experiences will shape you later in life but they are the root of my love for adventure, my desire to make sure my footprint on the world is not to destroy the natural environment I enjoy.

Photography got it's hands on me later in life. It crept up slowly, praying on my love of detail, and a need to express myself. I now approach photography not to simply document what's obviously beautiful but to focus eyes on the unseen world.

... Dan Cook shoots a potent mixture of wide vistas and close-up details
— Steve Fairclough for Amateur Photographer

Here's some fun facts about me you should know and we should talk more about:

  • I cried when I watch Free Willy 2 at a small cinema in Keswick in 1995 (I was only maybe 12)
  • Music has a big influence on me and my work
  • I only read non-fiction books and I love adventure books
  • I am 1/8th Italian
  • I love bears, too much
  • I grew up in Nottinghamshire but I'm not robin hood
  • I studied geography at university in Sheffield and I stayed
  • I voted remain in the EU referendum but have probably changed my mind (as at Jan 2017)
  • I see humans as part of the eco system and not above it or in control of it and fear we are heading to catastrophe because most people feel otherwise.
  • I cried when I watch Free Willy 2 at a small cinema in Keswick in 1995 (I was only maybe 12)
  • As i am writing this about me page it's an incredible morning of mist and fog outside and it's very hard to concentrate, but I'm trying to stick to a plan.

You can find out more about me by following my social media channels for my latest trips and adventures.


Photo credits: Mum or Dad, Amy, Harry Bowden, Emily Alice Jewellery & Lots of Selfies



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2017 - #WexMondays Exhibition - London & Leeds

2017 - Icelandair Magazine

2016 - Mountain Hardware

2016 - Fujifilm UK

2016 - Shortlist - Outdoor Photographer of the Year

2016 - Winter Landscapes Article - Published in Amateur Photographer Magazine (Feb)

2015 - Published in December Edition of Outdoor Photography (Viewpoints)

2015 - The City Talking, Sheffield Issue 4

2015 - Shortlist - Outdoor Photographer of the Year and inclusion in the 1st Outdoor Photographer Collection

2014 - Shortlist - Outdoor Photographer of the Year

2014 - Landscape Photographer of the Year - Winner 'Urban View' Category

2014 - International Black and White Spider Photography Awards - 2 Nominations (Nature Category)

2014 - UK National Parks | Space to Grow Photo Competition - Overall Winner

2013 - Scottish Nature Photography Awards - Shortlist (Environmental Category)

2013 - Black and White Spider Photography Awards - Nomination (Architectural Category)

2013 - Severn Trent Water - Photography Competition Runner Up

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Rhythm Circus

Photography is a long journey with many twists and turns so thank you for seeing where I'm at now. If you would like to be a part of the journey and work together then get in touch.

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