The Arts Tower - Urban View Winner Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014

I am delighted to announce my photograph 'The Arts Tower' has been awarded the best photograph in the Urban View category of the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards, 2014.


The Arts Tower, Sheffield. Dan Cook.

The photo will be part of the annual portfolio book (nr 8) which is on sale from Amazon.

It will also feature in the exhibition of all shortlisted images which will be located at Waterloo Station in London from the 1st of December 2014.

This photo is a personal favourite for me as I believe it's a reflection of my photographic style. In many instances when taking or processing an image you end up feeling like you are creating something which fits into a style you have seen before and are trying to recreate.

With this image, I had no real inspiration in mind. I simply went where the image took me in the editing process.

The Arts Tower itself is also a building I have studied in and drive past most days. Therefore it's great not to simply win with a far away place with a rare visit, but to create an image with impact of places closer to home.

It's also a great bit of recognition for Sheffield in among a lot of architecture images from the rest of the UK.

Finally of course, it's worth saying I never dreamt this image would be successful. I was amazed when it made it past the first round, and truly shocked when I received notice it had won the category.

Photography competitions are great publicity and can be recognition of truly great photographs but there is also a large element of fortune in how your photograph connects with whomever is viewing it for those few seconds.

Well done to everyone who's ever won an award in Landscape Photographer of the Year. Here's to lots more beautiful images being created in the coming years.