Fuji - 1 Camera + 1 Lens Setup (Kinda) For All The Situations

A family trip down to the south west which included an afternoon wandering around Bristol Zoo Gardens located in amongst the selubrious residential area of Clifton.

I've been doing a lot of weekend tripping lately, getting out to new places for the day and packing light to enjoy the trip rather than worrying about specific photos and gear.

Packing light to me generally means taking the ultra versatile Fuji 18-135mm Zoom Lens (and often throwing in the 60mm macro and 35mm f1.4 for some other options).

I had my doubts about buying the 18-135mm lens at first, fearing I might become lazy with it's versatility and then regret not reaching for the 'proper' lenses when editing smudgy shots. I often felt let down when using a wide ranging zoom on my Sony in the past but still used it just for the ease. The images were lacking that contrast and clarity you can often see in primes and professional zooms.

Yet that it not really so with this Fuji lens which I find hasn't disappointed me to date and the benefits of having such a versatile lens are very compelling:

To break it down simply, the benefits of the 18-135mm lens are:

  1. Wide range of focal length = versatility and catching shots otherwise missed without lens changes
  2. Allows a small setup with great image quality.
  3. Image stabilisation in the lens helps in range of situations.
  4. Weather Sealing is a big plus.

Most of the images below are shot with the 18-135mm and some of the detail images are made with the 60mm F2.4.

The photos are all JPG at medium size, sent to iPhone and processed in VSCOcam app.

Bear in mind (not a zoo pun, there were no bears) that many of these shots are through glass to the animal enclosures.

See what you think to the results and if you really need any other lens ?