EL TORCAL DE ANTEQUERA - Spain | Fascinating Land of the Limestone Giants


Endless Jigsaw


June 2016




El Torcal must be the land that time forgot (with a fancy visitor centre and car park). The only thing missing is the dinosaurs (although coach tours do sometimes come along).

Wandering this maze of ancient limestone was a memorable and challenging trip. Once covered by the Tetis sea this 30km bed of limestone was thrust up to 1300m above sea level some hundred million years ago and has been cracked and shaped by the weather ever since.

We set off around 7am from our base near Iznajar in order to get the walking here done in the cooler morning temperatures. Our departure was slightly delayed by a baby bird having fallen from it's nest and landing on the roof of the car which required expert animal attention from my ecologist bro.

The final part of the drive was a beautiful winding climb through quiet farming areas around Antequera, and even involved a road closure diversion at one point which diverted us around/through an olive plantation in the little Fiat 500 hire car. Many stops occurred as we climbed the final road including a stop at Mirador Diego Monea and it's wide reaching views.

Arriving at the visitor centre we found a large a seemingly very new complex with plenty of parking and all the facilities an adventurer could desire. Before we got to sample the cafe/bar however we set about the walking route through this crazy mess of limestone, trees and sand. There are three walking routes marked with different colours, however due to being on a tight schedule for other plans and fear of wilting in the heat we opted for the shortest route, around 1.5km long.


So, now time to enter the land of the limestone giants......








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