IZNAJAR - Hills, Heat & Blue Waters


Iznájar Reservoir


June 2016



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Iznajar is one of the classic white towns of Andalusia. Perched high on the scorched hillside overlooking a beautiful blue reservoir, a wander through it's steep cobbled streets is a step back to older ways.

This was a trip aimed at relaxation, staying with family at a villa in the hills of the Iznajar region of Cordoba. The area typifies the landscape of Andalusia, sand coloured hillsides covered with olive groves, white pueblo's and farms dotted all around.

Our brief encounter with the village of Iznájar itself was a late morning wander through the streets and up to the castle which sits at it's highest point (pretty darn high). The village somehow clings on to the steep hillside and circles it on all sides. The narrow streets and pavements rise steeply up to the castle and on a warm day make the walking pace relaxed. Having dragged ourselves away from the cooler option of a day at the poolside we spent around an hour following the winding streets to see what the town had to offer.

The 1,200 year old castle ruins were our first destination and the area was incredibly quiet, save for the workers tending to the castle itself. The views from the area around the castle and across the largest reservoir in Andalusia were particularly stunning. The body of water stretches 30km and feels like an inland sea with it's deep blue colour reaching out into the distance and providing a strong contrast against the burnt orange of the hillsides.

I love the feel and identity of these pueblo blanco's (white villages) many of which were established by Arab settlers with castles constructed at the very high points to dominate the landscape. It is a transportation back in time to see a village where life is still so vibrant and it's position in the landscape remains despite the challenges of life on such steep and narrow streets.


Our time in the town was too brief, the heat got the best of us and the calling of the air conditioning too strong. I hope to return again and enjoy the restaurants and life of the town more, but for now here is a visual flavour of this historic high place ....







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