Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017 - Commended

I am delighted to say that the above photograph 'The Explorers' has been commended in the 2017 Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards (Living The View Category).

The image made the final selection for the awards book and will be part of the digital exhibition in London. The LPOTY awards run by Take A View are the most prestigious for Landscape Photographers in the UK. Whilst the final winner selection is a subjective decision, the photographs that make the awards book are a great way to shine a light onto the best of the UK landscape.

The Explorers is an image I took back in 2013 and a photo I have entered into the LPOTY competition most years since. I always felt it really met the brief for the Living The View category and always believed it worthwhile to enter each year.

The image is what I would call a snapshot, a natural and brief moment high in the mountains of the Lake District which was gone seconds later (a part of a very memorable days hiking to the summit of Grasmoor from Buttermere). Just after reaching the summit and sheltering from the wind to enjoy lunch we started the descent back towards Buttermere. I was lagging behind as my eye was captivated by the shifting light which was giving a great depth to the view. After taking a few landscape images of the hills I noticed two of our hiking party stopped just in the perfect position to add some scale into the scene. I took several images in quick succession but there was only ever this one which stood out, capturing a split second's rest before they moved over the brow of the hill and the composition was gone.

It's an interesting consideration that despite many of the images I enter into the awards being very deliberate it is often the spur of the moment photos which provide me success in competitions. Much like my previous success in this competition with the Arts Tower image (which was also taken during an unplanned wander around Sheffield), and for Outdoor Photographer of the Year in 2016 an unplanned image (taken visiting a castle in Slovenia with an interesting perspective) was shortlisted.

Is there anything to read into this?. Perhaps these images somehow convey their spontaneity and interest or perhaps they are able to translate a more genuine feeling of the place rather than a carefully constructed view. In this case 'The Explorers' does remind me every time of the feeling of being outdoors for outdoors sake.

The two hikers in the photograph are my Dad and a family friend which has always added an extra sentiment to this photograph for me. The image has hung on the wall of my parents house for several years and is a reminder of the this particular adventure. Yet the image is also one of my most popular prints which has been sold to various lovers of the Lake District. There is certainly something about this view which evokes a spirit of exploration.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about this image drop a comment below.

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