Short Thoughts | 1 Year Ago - Distraction Outdoors


Today is the 27th July 2017. As ever time is flying past quicker than expected. Looking back at photographs with dates and times stamped on them is the most direct way we have to time travel I guess.

1 year back (to the date) I went for an sunny evening walk after work. I think it was a pretty stressful time at work and while I often go running when in need of de-stressing sometimes a walk in the Peak District has the same benefit but also allows opportunity to get lost in photography.

It turned out to be a beautiful evening and I got fairly attached to this daisy it seems. I shot the Fuji X100T which is perfect for this kind of impromptu wander. Having that creativity machine to hand allows you to walk light but be flexible.

Anyhow time flew by, the stress cleared and I came away with some memories of the evening. 

That final shot is a screenshot from Snapchat I think so don't blame the X100T for that resolution.

All shots edited in VSCOCam app on iPhone.


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