Winter Crush

Dreams Take Flight


Adventures Under A Blanket of Snow


The distinct separation of the seasons in my home country might be nature's greatest favour to those who pay close attention to the landscape.

No season can transform your surroundings like the depths of winter when the landscape is reduced to it's basic anatomy.


In this brief transformation lies the opportunity for new adventures close to home.


As the snow falls,

a thick white blanket crushes the complexities of the landscape into it's simplest forms.

Crushed or Created

Statues appear to rise up from the ground,

chiseled like no other time of year.


New patterns emerge and the textures of the landscape are a stronger, deeper kind.


The lure of home is strong when winter is applying it's full force outside.

The familiar feel of a thick jumper and the warmth of a mug of coffee are moments to be savoured.

Yet a few small steps outside feel like a greater distance than usual. 


Memories are created by leaping out into the snow globe world that has been created overnight.


Where there once were trees winter created a turbulent sea of white waves,

unmoving, as if somehow frozen in time.

White & Horses

Simplicity is at the heart of winter's appeal to me. At other times of year I long for distant places that offer that feeling of adventure, yet in winter I am content to explore the ghosts of the places close to home.