Dan COok is aN AWARD WINNING photographer from Sheffield, UK

"... Dan Cook shoots a potent mixture of wide vistas and close-up details"

- Steve Fairclough for Amateur Photographer

10 Shot portfolio

My attempt to curate my own photography into 10 shots which demonstrate my style.


Produced from an experiment with motion in photography and inspired by the desire to create alternative views of natural elements. There is much symmetry in nature. The repetition of beauty that so often means elements of the landscape when viewed in a new way connect with our own limited viewpoint.


Challenging the landscape to show it's softer side, or perhaps my own softer side.


Questioning the summit of a mountain.

I FEEL BLUE (2015 to Eternity)

Following blue into the undergrowth to create a series of floral photography

STYGIAN (2013)

Imagining the river which acts as a barrier between the world of the living and the dead.

... like the Shan Shui artists, Dan plays with colours, tone and other effects to add to the mood of his photographs and emphasise the feeling in the landscape
— - Jennifer Lee O'Brien for The City Talking